A Family Member of an Open Work Permit Holder Eligible for OWP

A Family Member of an Open Work Permit Holder Eligible for OWP

There are several routes to Canada immigration. Given the cost of Canada immigration, you must check your options carefully as to which is the most suitable for you. Let us explore the Open Work Program.


What is an Open Work Program or Open Work Permit (OWP)?

The open work permit holder is available for any kind of job since it is not a job-bound permit. You do not have to show an offer letter from the employer or an LMIA from the Canadian Employment and Social Development authority to obtain the OWP. The OWP allows successful applicants to work for various employers anywhere in Canada while they await their PR. It is important to obtain a relevant work permit to start a job in Canada, as failure to do so can lead you into trouble. Open work processing time varies for different countries. For countries like China, it may take around 23 weeks. On the other hand, the Open Work permit holder might have to wait for about 60 weeks to obtain the permit. 


Potential candidates for OWP: –

The following categories of prospects can apply for the OWP: –


    • Eligible candidates for Post-Graduation Work Permit Program who have completed their graduation from a recognized educational institution. 
    • Destitute students who are incapable of fulfilling their educational expenses.
    • An existing employer-based work permit holder who is facing or is at risk of abuse at the workplace.
    •  A PR applicant.
    • A dependent family member of a PR applicant.
    • A spouse or common-law partner of a skilled employee or a student in Canada can also apply to become an open work permit holder.  
    • The spouse or partner of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program applicant.
    • Special candidates such as refugees, refugee claimants, protected people, or anyone belonging to their family.
    • The temporary resident permit holders can also apply for OWP.
    • Young employees who are involved in special programs.



What is Spousal Open Work Permit?

Candidates such as those whose spouses are working or studying in Canada can aspire to become open work permit holders. The principal applicant must hold a minimum of 6 months’ work permit. The spouse or partner must maintain a legitimate relationship with the principal applicant. Also, the spouse must not have any criminal or medical background that prohibits them from entering Canada. The processing time for a spousal open work permit depends on the kind of permit that has been applied for. The processing fee for a spouse’s open work permit costs around CAD 255. There is no minimum duration requirement to wait before one can apply to become a spouse open work permit holder after getting married. The permit holder can work anywhere across Canada without much significant limitations.


Can an Open Work Permit holder apply for PR in Canada?

The IRCC closed the temporary resident to permanent resident (TRPR) pathway on the 5th of November, 2021. It means those who have applied for an open work permit cannot apply for PR in Canada. 


What is a Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP)?

A BOWP allows you to work as you await your PR in Canada. This is a very helpful addition to Canada’s immigration programs to accommodate skilled workforce from across the world. The BOWP allows skilled workers to file for PR with a shorter processing time. An open work permit holder who has developed a good reputation and adjusted well to Canadian life can benefit from BOWP. It is more flexible and adaptable than most other work permits, giving effective protection to the applicant. It lets the applicant continue staying in Canada even if their Temporary Visa expires. You can obtain BOWP for six months or more. Even if one loses a job, the BOWP keeps the Canadian labor market open to the applicant. He can continue to look for a job while staying in Canada.


Conditions for BOWP: –

The applicant must have a valid passport for at least six months before applying for BOWP. The applicant must be a student or an open work permit holder. The applicant must obtain clearance from all the concerned departments including police and medical. The student must have evidence for their educational accomplishments. The employee must demonstrate the employment contract to apply for BOWP.


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