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Bulgarian residency through bond investment:

Bulgaria provides permanent residency by investment in government bonds amounting to €511,292 (BGN 1 million). The portfolio of Government bonds is for a five-year investment term. No further payment is required. At the end of the five-year period, the full amount of BGN 1 million (€511,292) will be returned to the investor without any accrued interest. The expenditure is guaranteed in full by the Government bonds.

Bulgaria citizenship by investment:

Bond holders will qualify for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years in the Bulgarian residency programme. The citizenship option can be quickly tracked by increasing the investment amount by an additional € 511,292.

Please note, however, that the Bulgarian “program” does not give a clearly defined and predictable path to citizenship. If potential applicants are considering this option, they are advised to contact us for individual advice.

Key facts:

  • Investment of €511,292 for permanent residency
  • Risk free investment in government bonds
  • Full family residency
  • No requirement to reside
  • No language requirement
  • Capital repaid after 5 years

The Bulgarian golden visa scheme could be appealing to investors wanting a risk-free investment in bonds or those who choose not to invest in real estate in one of the other European programmes.

Why choose Bulgaria?

As one of the youngest EU member states, Bulgaria boasts a rich and diverse culture, temperate climate, and ideal location in Southeast Europe. The Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship in Bulgaria helps get you there faster with the following benefits:

  • Residency within six to nine months.
  • Fast-track option for citizenship within two years.
  • Special exemption from physical residence enforced with legislation.
  • Government-approved investments and available financing options from banks.
  • No language requirements.
  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality.
  • Lowest tax rates and free-trade environment within the EU.

Benefits for Permanent Residents:

  • Free movement within the Schengen zone after Bulgaria becomes a member state.
  • Access to high-quality health care in Bulgaria and the EU.
  • Conditional tax exemption on world income.

Citizenship requirements:

International citizens holding a permanent resident visa for at least five years are entitled to qualify for Bulgarian nationality in compliance with the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. Of those who vote for the standard plan the specifications are as follows:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Must have maintained permanent resident status and a valid residential address for the past five years.
  • Must have never been sentenced by a Bulgarian court for a capital offence or accused in criminal proceedings for such a crime (unless he/she has been rehabilitated).
  • Investors will need to file a citizenship application and pass medical tests in their current country of residence.

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