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Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program Canada

Provincial Nominee Program Canada  (PNPs) are a central aspect of Canada’s immigration program, with over 200,000 citizens expected to gain permanent Canadian citizenship from a Provincial Nominee Program from 2020 to 2022.

Provincial Candidate Systems are Canada’s fastest-growing road to economic immigration. In recent years, the federal government has steadily expanded the annual quotas of provinces for their respective PNPs, reflecting the increasing importance of these services within the Canadian immigration system as a whole.

Am I eligible for a Provincial Nominee Program?

Under Provincial Nominee Systems, Canadian provinces and territories can appoint individuals and families who wish to settle in their province or territory, depending on provincial requirements.

For Provincial Nominee Systems, each state and jurisdiction defines its own qualifying requirements. For example, one province could prioritize bringing in provincial nominees with experience in a specific profession and another province could prioritize bringing in provincial nominees with experience in the French language. It depends on the needs of the provinces and territories in question.

To become a provincial candidate, candidates must show that they follow the requirements set out. This will illustrate that the candidate has the expertise, qualifications, and job experience to make a meaningful difference to the local community and culture. The province or region shall approve the application on the grounds of the needs of the individual jurisdiction and the sincere intention of the claimant to settle there.

There are many sub-programs and divisions within each PNP, typically referred to as “streams.” In our PNP Canada Live Tracker which includes a resource to help you locate the best PNP stream for you, you will locate out the PNP streams and categories are currently available.

How do I apply for a Provincial Nominee Program?

In Canada the federal government takes the final citizenship decisions, not the provincial authorities. PNPs are a two-part operation, for that reason. First, you may apply for your political appointment for the government. Instead, if you are provincially approved, you may make a second application to the federal government for your permanent resident status in Canada.

Many streams of PNP work on a first-come , first-served basis, while other streams of PNP allow prospective candidates to file an expression of interest first. In fact, some PNP sources operate independently of the federal Express Entry immigration program, known as “main” sources, while some PNP streams are compatible with Express Entry streams.

Most provinces and territories have streams connected to the Federal Express Entry Selection Scheme, from which there are “enhanced” nominations available that grant 600 additional Detailed Ranking Scheme (CRS) points to nominees.

A provincial nomination is the single most valuable factor in the CRS, effectively guaranteeing that the candidate receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at a subsequent draw from the pool.

The CRS is a ranking awarded to Express Entry applicants out of 1,200, which determines who will get a permanent residency ITA. Those 600 bonus points would ensure that the applicant would obtain an ITA in nearly any round of Express Entry drawings.

What Provincial Nominee Programs are available in Canada?

Check out what Provincial Nominee Services each participating province and jurisdiction provides below. Remember that Quebec does not have a Regional Nominee System since its own Skilled Worker Program exists.

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