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Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Nova Scotia Nominee Program

With many Express Entry-aligned streams and room to welcome graduates and entrepreneurs, Nova Scotia is an increasingly popular destination for newcomers.

The Labour Market Preferences System is a fluid and versatile process that helps the province to pick, depending on the current labor market requirements, qualifying candidates from the Express Entry pool and invite them to apply for provincial candidacy. Each round of invitations chooses applicants with job experience in a given profession or occupation in the Express Entry pool. Candidates chosen from this process that depend on productive job prospects in the province, because their profession has been targeted because there is a local shortage of that expertise and skill set.

The streams of Express Entry-aligned Demand and Experience allow eligible candidates to choose Nova Scotia as their new home in Canada within the federal Express Entry pool. Through the Experience stream, individuals in the Express Entry pool who have work experience in Nova Scotia may find success. Meanwhile, the Demand stream works across two sub-categories: Candidates with a work opportunity may apply to Category A at any time, while Category B regularly opens to accept applications from individuals in specific positions. Nova Scotia Demand: candidates for an Express Entry Class B do not need a job request.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

The NBPNP includes a popular Express Entry-linked stream, as well as opportunities for workers with a job offers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

See below for currently available NBPNP streams.

  • Express Entry Labor Market Stream: Applicants for Express Entry. Criteria have previously modified for this source, and may do so again. Successful applicants receive 600 extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and an invitation to apply (ITA) from the Express Entry pool at a corresponding draw.
  • Skilled Worker with Employer Support: For applicants with an eligible job offer in New Brunswick.
  • Entrepreneurial stream: For international entrepreneurs who want to establish and manage a business in New Brunswick.
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial stream: For graduates of New Brunswick institutions who go on to start a business in the province.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

The PEI PNP welcomes applications from Express Entry candidates, skilled workers, graduates, and business investors.

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)

The NLPNP includes Canadian immigration pathways for Express Entry candidates, graduates, workers, and business people.

See below for currently available NLPNP streams.

  • Newfoundland Express Entry Skilled Worker: For Express Entry candidates with a job offer in Newfoundland. Successful applicants obtain 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and an invitation to apply (ITA) at a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.
  • Skilled Worker: For applicants with an eligible job or job offer in Newfoundland.
  • International Graduate: For recent graduates who have a post-graduation work permit and a job or job offer from a Newfoundland and Labrador employer.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur: For international graduates of Memorial University in Newfoundland or College of the North Atlantic who have already started or bought a local business in Newfoundland and maintained day-to-day operations for at least one continuous year.
  • Entrepreneur: For experienced business owners or senior business managers who want to build a new life, and continue their business career, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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