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Family Sponsorship Visa Canada

Family Sponsorship visa Canada

Canada provides a variety of citizenship services as a country dedicated to family reunification and holding loved ones together that allow Canadians the chance to bring their family members to Canada for family sponsorship visa.

One of Canada’s most popular immigration streams, Family Sponsorship Canada programs make it easy for citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouse and immediate family members to Canada with reduced processing times, because Canada knows that the family should never be put on hold.

Spouse or Common-Law Partner Sponsorships

Taking advantage of an extended 12-month screening time by approving your spouse or common-law companion for permanent Canadian citizenship, whether they stay in Canada with a current, temporary visa or living outside Canada. Applicants residing in Canada can also apply for a flexible work permit, which would allow partners the ability to ease some of their financial burdens.

A spousal open work permit gives sponsored persons the ability to work in Canada while their application for sponsorship is being processed. Since Canada recognizes common-law partnerships, if you and your partner are not married but have lived together for a period of at least one year, you may be eligible to apply for spousal support.

Child or Other Dependent Sponsorship

If you immigrate to Canada, you can choose to have your children as accompanying dependents on your permanent residency application. If you chose not to have them, however, or are otherwise unable to do so, they can still be able to join you later in Canada. Canada’s child sponsorship policy allows Canadian nationals and permanent residents to sponsor their parental or adoptive children under the age of 22 for permanent residency, provided they are single and have no children of their own.

Parent or Grandparent Sponsorship

Canada’s contribution to family reunification continues through the parent and grandparent support scheme, to parents and grandparents of Canadian nationals and permanent residents. To order to sponsor a parent or grandparent, it would be necessary for people and permanent residents to show that they can financially support their families by meeting the minimum acceptable income (MNI) for the size of their family unit. They will also decide to support their supported family members financially, if necessary. A Super Visa, a long-term, multi-entry visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, may be eligible for sponsors who are unable to permanently support their parents or grandparents.

Who can Sponsor?

A sponsor must be a permanent resident or citizen of adult Canada, over the age of 18. A supporter must live in Canada, unless they are a canadian currently residing abroad and expect to live in Canada upon arrival of the sponsored individual.

An individual may not sponsor if they:

  • Are in prison
  • Are subject to a removal order
  • Are in the process of bankruptcy
  • Receive social assistance from the government (except for disability)
  • Have been convicted of (or attempted/threatened to commit) an offence of a violent or sexual nature, or resulting in bodily harm of a family member
  • Have failed to pay child support payments
  • Have failed to pay back immigration loans, or have made late or missed payments
  • Have sponsored a family member in the past and failed to meet the terms
  • Have sponsored a previous spouse or partner who has not been a permanent resident for more than 3 years
  • Were they sponsored and became a permanent resident less than 5 years ago

Other Requirements


For Family Class applications, the Canadian Government requires payment of sponsorship and processing fees. In addition, for every sponsored relative who is not a dependent child, there is a “Right of Permanent Residence Fee” – this is the only fee that will be reimbursed if the application is withdrawn or denied.

Family Member Fees ($CAN) Total Fees/Person ($CAN)
Spouse, partner, or relative age 22 or older – Sponsorship fee ($75)

– Processing fee ($475)

– Right of permanent residence fee ($490)

– Sponsorship fee ($75)



Relative under age 22 and not your dependent child – Processing fee ($75)

– Right of permanent residence fee ($490)

– Sponsorship fee ($75)



Dependent child, adopted child or orphaned relative – Processing fee ($75) $150


Sponsorship Agreement

Notably, the sponsor must agree to support their family member financially in the event their relative is unable to provide for their own needs. This is to ensure that Government support is not needed for the new permanent resident. The length of this financial obligation depends on the individual being sponsored:

  • Spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner: 3 years
  • Dependent child: 10 years OR when the child reaches age 22 (whichever comes first); 3 years for a dependent child over age 22.
  • Parent or grandparent: 20 years

Note that this financial obligation does not disappear if the sponsored person becomes a citizen, divorces or separates from the sponsor, or moves away from Canada.

Medical exam

The sponsored individual is required to submit the results of a medical exam at the time of application, including biometrics for applicants from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Police Certificates

In relation to every place where they have existed for more than 6 months, candidates and each family member above the age of 18 must apply police credentials from the place in which they have spent most of their lives.

Quebec Requirements

After federal requirements are met, the province of Quebec requires additional criteria for family sponsorship. Potential sponsors who live in Quebec should receive an email or letter containing directions to send a special arrangement to the Government of Quebec after applying for sponsorship.

Other Options

If an individual does not meet the above requirements and does not qualify for Family Class Sponsorship as a result, they may still be eligible to immigrate via the Express Entry system if they have experience or skill in a particular trade or occupation.

A number of provinces also offer family sponsorship through Provincial Nominee Programs; some have fewer requirements and allow sponsorship for more distant relatives.

Applications may not be processed directly via the Family Class Sponsorship program to sponsor an adopted child. Adoptions are the responsibility of Canadian provinces and territories, and potential supporters will email Citizenship and Immigration Canada on their province or territory’s website before applying.

Permanent citizen in Canada and older than 18. Furthermore, a supporter cannot be subject to a deportation warrant, held in prison or in violation of any previous sponsorship commitment or payment requirement imposed by the judge. Finally, a beneficiary should not have filed bankruptcy or be seeking financial assistance other than because of illness. A sponge when it comes to criminal convictions, a sponsor will not be eligible if they have been convicted of any offence of a sexual nature or of an offence resulting in the bodily harm of a family member.

For most cases the sponsor has to reside in Canada to apply for a sponsorship. However if the sponsor will live in Canada when the sponsored individual becomes a Canadian permanent resident, a Canadian citizen can sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, or dependent child while living abroad.

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