Quebec Immigrant Canada Entrepreneur Program from Pakistan

Canada Entrepreneur Program

Canada Entrepreneur Program:

By moving to Canada you will be able to live indefinitely in a country that has been regularly ranked by the UN as the best country in the world to live in. Additionally, Canadian school students performed better in math, reading , and science than students from any other English speaking country. Finally, Canada enjoys universal health care, where publicly funded (tax-payer) medical treatment. Canada Entrepreneur Program Citizenship in Canada will allow access to the United States via the NAFTA Agreement for those who also want access to other countries, as well as visa-free or visa on arrival travel to over 172 countries worldwide.

Mid-range net worth individuals with appropriate business experience may be eligible to apply under one of many Provincial Entrepreneur program.

Through province operates its own entrepreneurship services and typically implements a multi-step residency process. Applicants submit an expression of interest and await an invitation to apply. Selected candidates submit a full application that is assessed by immigration authorities in the province. If approved, applicants are generally required to sign a Performance Agreement and apply for a work permit, first entering Canada as a worker. When the requirements of the Performance Agreement are met at the end of a designated period, candidates will receive the provincial nomination. They may apply for permanent residence on the basis of that selection or nomination to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Most of these provincial business immigration programs require active participation in business management based on a given investment and job creation. The programs vary in the qualification requirements but generally refer to a minimum net worth between $500,000 CAD and $600,000 CAD, with relevant management experience. Some of the services require a deposit of goodwill, which is refundable until the company is founded. Applicants are first requested to be nominated by a province under provincial nominee programs, and may obtain permanent residence following federal health and crime checks on the basis of that nomination.

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