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United States Investor EB-5

USA – EB5 Program:

The US has long been known as the country of opportunity. The U.S. economy is highly strong, with the biggest stock market in the world. In fact, it houses one of the strongest currencies worldwide. Children have access to free higher education, and undergraduate graduates have access to scholarships, grants, and 0 percent loans for each degree in accordance with the government’s right to education program. Living the American dream in a vibrant world-class healthcare system will be at your hands as well as a variety of job prospects and entrepreneurial success.

As of 21 November 2019, the USCIS has raised EB-5 system funding from USD 500,000 to USD 900,000 (nearly double) for TEA investors and USD 1 million to USD 1,8 million for non-TEA investors.

The U.S. EB-5 Plan is one of the most successful and oldest U.S. immigration investor schemes to draw investment from many countries including China, India, South Korea, Brazil, and Pakistan. It offers a direct route to Permanent Residency by issuing Green Card to investors and their families.

The United States of America’s Foreign Investment Scheme, commonly known as the “EB-5 Program,” is the easiest way for high net worth individuals to get a permanent residency (Green Card) for themselves and their families. It covers the primary applicant ‘s partner plus all of their adult children under the age of 21. The program requires an investment of US$ 900,000 in a government-approved project of the United States. The source of funds can come from personal savings, a donation, or an inheritance.

Choosing the best option to invest is still uncertain and difficult. However, based on its 30 years of experience and more than 13,000 plus success stories, Sun has a program that meets this program’s job creation criterion while ensuring that you as investors are well protected when it comes to having your US$ 900,000 investment reimbursed after 5 years. At SUN, we have a fiduciary duty to protect our client’s best interests. For that reason, we deal with a specific EB-5 project which helps us do just that.

By investing US$ 900,000 in the United States economy, you can qualify for a Green Card for yourself & your family

Net-worth requirement:

An person with a net worth of $1,000,000 or more (or joint net worth with a partner, if applicable) may apply for the EB-5 program. (Not including Primary Residence Value).


Anyone whose individual income for the past two years exceeds $200,000, or has a joint income of $300,000 with a spouse for each year, and who rightly expects an income of more than $300,000 for the current year, may apply for citizenship under the EB-5 scheme.

Advantages of the Immigrant Investor Program:

  • No compulsion for any prior business or management experience.
  • You just need to prove that you have obtained your funds legally.
  • Your investment money is kept in a secure escrow bank account until the government approves your file.
  • When the conditional resident status has been lifted, full resident status is granted.
  • One can apply for US citizenship after 5 years of residency. This means that you must maintain a Green Card for 5 years before applying for citizenship.
  • Physical Residency requirements are 30 months (2.5 years) within the 5 years (mentioned directly above) before the citizenship application is submitted.

Eligible family members:

  • Principal Applicant
  • Spouse
  • Children under the age of 21

Investment requirement:

The minimum amount of investment needed to apply for residency and citizenship under the USA EB-5 is US$ 900,000 in a designated field of work. A targeted employment area is a geographic region that the US government has designated as one in which they seek to generate more jobs by attracting investment.

Initially, the conditional Permanent Residency / Green Card is given to the applicant, who is subject to EB-5 applicant requirements being met. For its investors, Lalani & Associates has vetted many projects in the hospitality industry which it recommends for investment in the EB-5 market.

After receiving a green card, in order to be eligible for citizenship, the applicant must live physically in the US for 2.5 years out of a 5 year period. This is recommended that the applicant spend at least 90 days a year in the US in order to retain Permanent Residency / Green Card.

Program summary:

  • Investment amount: USD $500,000
  • Investment type: Investor’s own business
  • Spouse: Yes
  • Children: Yes (under 21 years of age)
  • Parents: No but can be sponsored after citizenship
  • Processing time: 18 to 24 months (average)
  • Physical residency requirements: Land once every 6 months to maintain residency.
  • Live 2.5 out of 5 years for citizenship
  • Length of status received: Non-expiring green card/permanent residency
  • Permanent residency: Immediately
  • Citizenship: After 5 years of permanent residency
  • Specific program requirements: Must show legal source of funds
  • Nationality disqualifications: No
  • Dual citizenship: Yes

Your journey:


FREE Assessment / Evaluation of Project Documents / Compiling of application / Funds are transferred to the U.S. escrow account / Attorney files the I-526 Petition with USCIS.


Applicant receives I-526 approval / Applicant and family attends the interview at the U.S. Consulate / 2 year conditional green card is received and applicant may move to the U.S. if they wish.


After 2 years of conditional residency – Attorney files I-829 Petition with USCIS to remove conditional resident status.


Applicant receives I-829 approval and receives a permanent resident status in the USCIS that does not expire / Approval is applied to the project and the applicant can exit the project under the Limited Partnership Agreement.

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