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About us

Sun Investment & Consulting pvt. Ltd has been helping immigrant families and people since 1989. We are well known for providing hassle free immigration services to our clients and maintaining an impeccable image for more than 30 years.

We started this business with the goal kept in mind to assist our clients in fulfilling their dreams to spend their lives in their dream country. We make sure that our client applications are entertained with utmost care keeping in mind the ever-changing visa policies. Our services are not limited to just arranging a visa for our clients. It goes beyond that. We stand by them till they establish themselves in Canada. That is why we are the best known in South Asia because our clients have a firm trust in us.

Recognizing that our high net worth investor clients and our busy professional and entrepreneur clients need special attention and bespoke services. We now offer an entire new dedicated advisory practice just for them. We aim to give these clients the comfort and satisfaction they need in their busy lifestyle to ensure that their process is being carried out with care. Each case is given utmost attention and time by our highly experienced consultants, lawyers and advisors by keeping in mind their businesses and busy work schedules and their unique needs.

Your trust in SUN will be well- placed as our experts have a proven track record of more than 3,000 successful cases in 30 years. We ensure that the maximum is done for achieving the desired results speedily and ethically and with thorough understanding of clients. We want our clients to trust in our experience and ability to direct them safely through each phase of the immigration process.

Our friendly and cooperative consultant and advisors are always there to make sure that the client is satisfied and well looked after during the entire immigration process from the reassessment to settlement. At sun you can expect us to always go an extra mile for the clients.

Our Services

Canadian Investor Immigration

Sun is a pioneer in investment based immigration to Canada. We have earned this reputation by taking the time to ensure our clients understand the procedural path that lies ahead. If you contact us for a free consultation, you may be surprised at the length of time we are willing to devote to getting to know you. Before we take a dime, we are sure make you as well informed as possible so that you are always well aware of what is going on.

We apply all possible resources, consultants, advisors and lawyers to ensure you have the best chance of meeting the immigrations criteria, all while providing you with tailor made solutions to better suit your busy and demanding lifestyle.

Canadian Investor Immigration

For the first time in Pakistan you can find all your business, professional and personal needs catered to from a One-Stop-Shop. With our vast array of in-house advisors, we can help you with all issues that come your way. We can provide you with professional and high quality advice on all matters ranging from accounting and taxation, to legal and corporate advice. No need to run around from place to place anymore, find comfort with Sun.

Entrepreneur/ Business Visa

For our clients who don’t want to invest in immigration and prefer to use their capital towards profit bearing business, we have options for you. A good alternative to Investment Immigration, which requires high net worth and capital we encourage you to consider business or entrepreneur immigration.

We at Sun can assist innovative persons with business back grounds to make the most of their talent, experience and acumen by helping them take part in Canada’s ever growing economy. With a wide array of in-house advisory services, we can help you reach your full potential in Canada and the world over.

Skilled Worker/ Professional Class Visa

You have invested your whole life into your profession, it may be time to capitalize on your experience and calling by taking your profession to the next level. We have been advising  people on migrating to Canada and the world over on the basis of their existing professional credentials since the last 30 years. Why not make the most of your experiences in a vibrant and dynamic environment like Canada or Australia.

Global Investor Immigration and Residency Programs

Immigration has never been so easy! Being experts in the field of Investment Immigration, we apply our vast resources and impeccable reputation to provide you with the opportunities to migrate to countries like the United States of America, Europe, Oceania & East Asia.

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