The Total Cost of Canadian Immigration from Pakistan 2023-2024

The Total Cost of Canadian Immigration from Pakistan 2023-2024

If you come across a Canada immigration company in Karachi promising massive discounts, consider it a red flag. The IRCC has increased the cost of Canadian immigration for obtaining PR in Canada. Owing to inflation and global recession, the authorities will increase the immigration fee after every two years. Here is what you can expect a PR in Canada to cost you.


How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada?

There are several streams of entering the Canadian immigration program. The cost of Canadian immigration depends on the stream, number of persons immigrating, educational credentials, language proficiency, and other factors. Applicants must take the IELTS exam to indicate their language proficiency. The test Here are the approximate fee structures for various immigration programs.


Canada Express Entry Fee Structure: –

The Economic Immigration stream includes most of the categories based on employment opportunities. These costs apply to the following streams of immigration:


    • Agri-food pilot
    • Atlantic immigration pilot
    • Atlantic immigration program
    • Canadian experience class
    • Federal skilled workers
    • Federal skilled trades
    • Provincial nominee
    • Rural and northern immigration pilot
    • Quebec-selected skilled workers

The total cost for Canada PR under the Express Entry program consists of the following components (all the values are in $).

  • Application processing fee: 850
  • PR fee: 515
  • Spouse application processing fee: 850
  • Dependent child fee: 230 per child

Biometric fee

Canada visa fees for Pakistanis include biometric fees. This includes digital photos and fingerprints. You need to give a biometric for the following categories of visa: –

  • visit visa
  • study permit
  • work permit
  • Per person: 85
  • Per family, having two or more people: 170
  • Per group, having three or more performing artists: 255


Business Immigration Fee Structure: –

This fee structure applies to the following streams: –


    • Quebec business immigration
    • Self-employed category
    • Business start-up visa

The cost of Canadian immigration includes the following possible charges under these streams: –

  • Application processing fee: 1625
  • PR fee: 515
  • Spouse application processing fee: 850
  • Spouse PR fee: 515
  • Dependant child: 230 per child


Family Sponsorship Fee Structure: –

When a person immigrates to Canada successfully and completes the required tenure in the country, he applies for immigration for his family. Here are the charges for various categories of sponsorships that make up the total cost of Canadian immigration for a family.

  • Sponsorship of relatives, aged 22 years and above: 565
  • Sponsorship of relative, aged 22 years and above with PR: 1080
  • Sponsorship of a dependant, adopted child, or orphaned relative: 150 per child
  • Include a dependant, adopted child (or child to be adopted), or orphaned relative on an application with your relative: 155 per child
  • Sponsorship of relative (not child) aged below 22 years: 150
  • Sponsorship of relative (not child) aged below 22 years with PR: 665
  • Include spouse/partner of relative: 570
  • Include spouse/partner of a relative with PR: 1085


Parents And Grandparents: –

Canada offers the most substantial health and social welfare benefits for old age people that most countries fail to provide. Once the immigrants settle in their Canadian life, they try to bring their parents or grandparents. Here is the list of various expenses to bring parents and grandparents.

  • Sponsorship fee: 565
  • Sponsorship fee with PR: 1080
  • Include spouse/partner of parent/grandparent: 570
  • Include spouse/partner of parent/grandparent with PR: 1085
  • Include a dependent child of the parent/grandparent: 155 per child


Study Permit Fee Structure: –

Calculating the cost of Canadian immigration is also relevant for those who apply for a study permit. Although this is a form of temporary residence, it opens the doors to PR for the applicants. Those who complete their education in Canada have bright chances to gain a PR, especially in the same province. They can also get a job letter from a Canadian employer during or after the completion of their course, making it easier to obtain a PR. Following are the fee charges under the study permit.

Study permit charges: 150

Renewal of status as a student: 350  Once you have such data at your tip, you can estimate how much your cost of Canadian immigration is going to be. Having detailed knowledge about updated charges allows you to plan and save accordingly for your immigration process. Watch out for the latest news and development to have an estimate for total cost of Canada PR.

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