What is the procedure of Canada Provincial Nomination Program?

What is the procedure of Canada Provincial Nomination Program?

What is the Provincial Nominee Program?

If you have made up your mind to move to Canada for a peaceful life, the first thing to do is get in touch with the best Canada immigration company. A good immigration consultant guides foreigners to obtain Canadian nationality in the shortest time. 

One way to settle in Canada is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Through this program, Canadian provinces nominate the applicant to immigrate and live. Based on local economic and demographic conditions, each province formulates its criteria. Apart from Quebec and Nunavut, every province has a distinctive PNP. Through the Expression of Interest (EOI) system, the ICRC invites the top-scoring applicants to Canada in periodic draws. 

The points system uses criteria such as age, work experience, education, language proficiency, and connection with the province. Connection with a province could be in the form of past educational or work experience and family ties. To demonstrate language proficiency, a test such as the IELTS shall suffice. Applicants also need the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) which brings foreign educational achievements equal to the Canadian denomination. 

Provincial Nomination Program works in two ways: –

  • Express Entry
  • Non-Express Entry

How to get a provincial nomination for express entry?

Those who align their PNP with Express Entry follow the enhanced stream to get Canadian citizenship. Either the applicant can make an Express Entry profile online before entering the Provincial Nomination Program or make one after the nomination. Most provinces require the Express entry profile before they register for the PNP. The applicant gets additional 600 CRS points for applying through the enhanced stream. The ICRC computes an aggregate score by adding other points based on set criteria. Now the applicant receives an “Invitation to Apply” for Canadian PR at the draw from the Express Entry program. 

  • Non-Express Entry: –

Also called the base stream, candidates applying through the regular PNP must demonstrate eligibility for a particular PNP. Those who fail to qualify for the Express Entry take this route to enter Canada. After getting a base nomination certificate, the applicant can apply to the federal government for permanent residency. The federal government will scrutinize to ensure medical and security fitness and grant the PR. 

How the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) works?

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Program caters to the provincial economic and development needs in various industrial sectors. It benefits both the applicant by offering PR and the Canadian economy by providing a specific kind of labor. PNP has two categories: –

  • Skilled worker PNP: –

Skilled Worker PNP processes the influx of skilled workers to a province. To enter as a skilled worker you must meet at least one of the following conditions.

  • A valid job appointment letter from a Canadian employer in that particular province;
  • Past work experience in the province;
  • Presence of family in the province.

  • Business Immigration Program: –

This program brings investment into the province. People who do not qualify for the skilled worker category because of insufficient education or overage but have sufficient funds can apply for the business immigration program. They can opt for one of the following options: –

  • form a new enterprise from scratch;
  • invest capital;
  • form a joint venture with a local entrepreneur.

A brief overview of different Provincial Nomination Programs in Canada: –

Based on immigration data, Ontario is the top province where people immigrate through a PNP, followed by British Columbia, and then Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan offers various immigration pathways even without a job offer. Talking about the easiest-to-immigrate province, The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program tops the list. Express Entry candidates can get an invitation at a score of as low as 300 points. 

Despite the pandemic, Canada made maximum effort to welcome immigrants from all over the world. However, the employment pattern has changed significantly in recent times. 

The job market in Canada: –

Owing to the global recession and high unemployment, the tertiary sector witnessed the greatest output fall. Hence, demand for labor in industries such as tourism, retail, and hospitality has fallen significantly, affecting the immigrants of the relevant occupations. 

The most sought-after jobs from the employer’s viewpoint are sales personnel. Sales assistant ranks as the top occupation for women and second for men. Generally speaking, the IT sector has the greatest job opportunities. Web developers, Cyber Security Specialists, Mobile App Developers, Digital marketing specialists, data scientists, and data analysts are some of the most wanted professionals. Apart from this, logistic specialists are also in high demand in Canada. There is always demand for healthcare workers and early-year educationists in Canada.

How long does Canada’s Provincial Nomination take?

Provincial Nomination Program processes applications within six to nineteen months. Normally an applicant should expect the processing time to last between 10 to 12 months. If a person applies for a PNP with an Express Entry profile, the processing will be much quicker, averaging about six to eight months.

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