Getting a Canadian Visa from Pakistan: Everything you need to know

Getting a Canadian Visa from Pakistan: Everything you need to know

Applying for a Canadian visa requires scrupulous work so as not to miss out on any important documents. Here is a complete guideline about everything you need to know when applying for a temporary resident visa for Canada from Pakistan.

Things required to apply for a Canadian Visa from Pakistan: –

Canadian authorities want to ensure that the person coming to their country has a clean background. Moreover, to avoid unnecessary trouble, it wants to ensure that everything about his stay has been taken care of. Here is a list of things required for a Canadian visa.

  1. Visa application form
  2. Original passport and its copy valid for at least six months
  3. All previous passports (copies)
  4. Copy of CNIC. In case of travelers below 18 years, a copy of Form B.
  5. Letter showing your employment
  6. Photographs (two)
  7. Bank statement (previous six months balance)
  8. Flight ticket
  9. Hotel booking
  10. In the case of a sponsor based in Canada, the sponsor’s bank statement
  11. Invitation letter in case invited

How to apply for a Visitor Visa from Pakistan?

Apart from the documents, the Canadian authorities want to ensure certain conditions when they give visas to foreigners to come to their country. These conditions include: –

  1. The visa applicant must be in sound health conditions. They must not have any previous criminal record or have a history of immigration-related offenses.
  2. The applicant must demonstrate sound financial conditions to support their trip to Canada. They must not cause any sort of financial trouble once they arrive in Canada.
  3. The applicant must show that he has a stable life in his home country and has the intention to return to his home country after completing the trip.
  4. Any sort of involvement in organized crime or human rights violation may render your visa application futile.

Once you have all the documents ready, including the visa application form, book an appointment with a certified visa application center for application submission and biometrics. In Pakistan, Gerry’s is the official visa application center. You can submit your fee here and start the visa application process. Typically it takes about a month or two from application submission to get your Canadian visit visa.

How to apply for a Student Visa from Pakistan?

The application process for a student visa application is almost the same as for a visit visa. However, the difference is that you need to demonstrate an acceptance letter from a university or college in Canada. Canada strongly recommends students apply online. They accept manual applications only if the applicant has some disability that prevents him from submitting an online application. Students get a study permit, which is authorization to come to Canada for study purposes. The study permit expires 90 days after the completion of the course. Here are some of the requirements for obtaining a study permit: –

  1. Complete all the requirements of IRPA and IRPR.
  2. Proof of sufficient funds to complete your studies.
  3. A Police clearance certificate to show a clean criminal history.
  4. A medical certificate to demonstrate a healthy state.

How to apply for a Business Visa from Pakistan?

A business visitor may stay in Canada for a few days or up to six months. The purpose of a visit could be to attend a meeting, a conference, or an event. A business visitor may have one or more of the following purposes.

  1. Take business orders from Canada.
  2. Purchase goods from Canada.
  3. Attend meetings or trade fairs.
  4. Give after-sales service.
  5. Get training or conduct training as per agreement with any company.

A business visitor must fulfill the following conditions: –

  1. Stay for a maximum of six months.
  2. The applicant does not intend to enter the Canadian labor market.
  3. The main business and revenue source is outside Canada.

Business visa application is the same as for any other visa. If you are going to attend an event or trade fair, check if the event is registered with IRCC. In that case, follow the instructions your event organizer provides. Along with the above-mentioned documents and conditions, you must also have a letter of invitation issued by the event organizer.

Online Application for Canadian Visa from Pakistan: –

Nowadays, people prefer online application submission. It is easier and cost-effective, and Canadian authorities prefer online submissions as they reduce unnecessary clutter. To submit an online visa application, log on to the official website of the Canadian government. Click on the Immigrations and Citizenship tab. Then opt for the visit visa category. Create an account on the IRCC portal. Complete the online application form through this account. Submit all the mentioned documents required for your type of visa application. The online application notifies if any document is missing or incorrectly submitted. Hence this way you can ensure your application is correct, minimizing the chances of rejection. Once your documents are complete, pay the application and biometric fee through a credit or debit card. Even if you apply online, you will have to visit the visa application center for biometrics.

Conclusion: –

This was a comprehensive guide to how to apply for a Canadian visa from Pakistan. By following the instructions promptly you may get your Canadian visa in a month.

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