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Role of Police Clearance Certificates in Canada Immigration

What are immigration Canada police clearance certificates?

When you decide to migrate to Canada, there is a long list of documents to prepare. The best Canada immigration agency in Karachi shall guide you about what documents you need. 

Among these essential papers are the police clearance certificates. Without a valid certificate, the immigrant cannot enter Canada. This document verifies that the applicant does not have a criminal background for more than six months since the 18th birthday. 

Local law enforcement agencies and relevant government offices issue police clearance certificates. The applicant must get the certificate from the current country of residence, along with every other country in which he has resided, since his 18th birthday. If the certificate is in any language other than English or French, the applicant must attach a verified translation. Candidates must provide a police certificate for Canada Express Entry within 90 days of application submission. As soon as your application is in the pool, get your police clearance certificate right away as it may take time. It is better to have the certificate ready with you before you get the invitation to apply from the Canadian immigration authority. In case you get an invitation and your ceertificate is not ready, you have two options: –

  • Decline your invitation after which your application goes back to the pool. If your score is good enough, you will get the invitation again soon.
  • In very rare cases, the Canadian authorities accept a letter of explanation, along with substantial proof that you have applied for the certificate and will receive it. The proof could be any of the following documents: –
  • a confirmation reciept
  • a payment voucher
  • a delivery notice
  •  an application tracking ID

The immigration officer will review the application. If he is not satisfied with the evidence provided, he may reject the application. Therefore, it is best to have the police clearance certificates ready before receiving the invitation. 

The applicants have to upload scanned and colored copies of the original certificate. The Canadian immigration authorities shall reject any other form of police clearance certificates. 

The role of police clearance certificate for immigration purposes: –

The Canadian immigration authorities check the criminal record of the applicants based on their police clearance certificates. According to Canadian immigration law, the applicant is criminally inadmissible if he has a record of both minor and major crimes such as: –

  • burglary
  • assault
  • kidnapping
  • dangerous driving
  • organized crime involvement
  • drugs trafficking
  • driving while under the influence of drugs or any other substance.

A socially responsible country, Canada wants to ensure it does not let any criminal enter its lands and cause trouble to the people. Canadian cities consistently rank among the top safest cities in the world. It vows to continue its safety measures to ensure a safe and peaceful environment.

Police clearance certificate procedure: –

The process is different for different countries. Some countries call them police clearance certificates, while some call them judicial record extracts or good conduct certificates. As a Pakistani citizen, you need to fill out an application form available at “Town” or “City Police Station”. The City Police Officer issues the certificate. In the case of smaller cities, the form is available at the local district office of the Senior Superintendent of the Police (SSP) of the Police Security Branch, who issues the certificate. You need to fill in the relevant information and provide all reference signatures from the concerned departments.  

How to overcome poorly performing police clearance certificates?

If your police clearance indicates criminal background, it will be a great hindrance in your immigration journey. However, do not lose hope as there can still be a way out.

Depending on the crime, the time since the crime, or your behavior thereafter you can still migrate to Canada. Here are some options for you: –

  • Your application must convince the immigration officer that you qualify for the deemed rehabilitation status.
  • You can apply for rehabilitation to assert that you are not likely to commit crimes anymore.
  • You can apply for a record suspension after which you will not have any troubles in immigrating to Canada.
  • If you have a temporary resident permit, you can enter Canada, provided that you convince the immigration officer that your visit to Canada is valid. 

These options are valid if the crime committed is minor and considerable time has lapsed. The authorities need assurance that you are unlikely to commit a crime, based on your recent past or current status. 

Applicants who fail to obtain police clearance certificates must check with a professional immigration consultant. Criminal inadmissibility is a serious issue, however, not impossible. With the correct guidance and appropriate measures, you can overcome the issue. A professional immigration consultant with a team of law experts shall help you devise the most effective way to convince the Canadian immigration authorities about your clearance from criminal activities.

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